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This is the website of the evangelical church ‘EvangelieGemeente Ermelo’. Here you will find some general information about us, and -at bottom of the page- some help to explore our website.

We are a community of Christian believers of about 500 people of all age groups, and long to offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

We welcome you as a non-Dutch speaker and offer translation services during our Sunday morning celebrations. Translation is available in English, but if you have a need for another language (for instance Arabic or Farsi), please tell us and we will do our best to facilitate this for you. In that case, please send your request to translation@eg-ermelo.nl

While navigating through our webpages, you may want to use Google translate to read the content in your own language.

Sunday morning services

Services are held in the main hall of the 'Christelijk College Groevenbeek' school, which is located at the Paul Krugerweg 50, 3851 ZJ Ermelo.

When you come in through the main entrance of the school, please turn left and you will find people welcoming you. They can help you to find the translator you need.  Our celebrations are held every Sunday morning at 10am. They typically last 1 hour and 15 minutes.

After the celebration, you are invited to stay and connect with people, while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. 

For children we offer a separate and varied program for children of all ages. The children program is offered in Dutch only. There is baby and toddler care for the ages 0-4 in three separate age groups and an elaborate children program in different age groups for those going to primary school. 

On the first Sunday of every month, the children of grade 5 to 8 of the Dutch primary school stay with their parents in the main church service.

more about us

Our vision is to be a meeting place for inspiration and to equip those who seek the Lord. We believe we are called to help 'seekers become dedicated followers of Jesus Christ'.

The following is at the foundation of all we do:

  • we accept the Bible as the word of God
  • we believe in the Trinity (the creed of Nicea-Contantinople)
  • we have an open 'supper' (on the first Sunday of every month), and practice the baptism of faith
  • we honor marriage as a sacred covenant between a man and a woman
  • we are involved in the worldwide mission of God, in which the people of Israel have a special place.

introduction to the Christian faith

If you are interested in learning more about the Christian faith, you are vey welcome to join an 'Alpha course' or an 'Al Massira course'. These are a series of evenings, where you watch short films about the bible and who Jesus is, in a setting of fellowship around a meal.

directions for website information

You are very welcome to further browse our website, and find the necessary information using Google translate. Please use the table with links below to skip to the pages you are interested in.

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our identity


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seeking meaning in your life? Alpha!


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contact us





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prayer and practical support


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